Sirena Yachts Factory Tour

This past weekend we traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to visit the Sirena Yachts factory. Sirena is one of the leading yacht manufacturers in the Mediterranean and is dedicated to delivering elegant and powerful yachts with its 3 models. With four 58 models currently in production for Spring Brook customers, it was time to visit the boat yard to see the progress of the Turkish builders.

Sirena Yachts Factory Visit

This is one of the first steps while in production. Here is a photo of men laying the fiberglass mat while the boat is still in the mold. Each section of fiberglass mat is precut and coordinated with numbers sections of the hullside to ensure consistency and quality on every hull built.

Sirena Yachts Factory Tour

This is still very early in the production process. It is also very important and is used by leading-edge boat builders who use modern fiberglass boat construction processes. This is the resin-infusion process. The dry laminates are covered with a special vacuum bag material, which is then sealed to the mold. these resin inlets are monitored during the process as the resin is pulled through the mold under vacuum. When the valves on the manifold are opened, the catalyzed resin flows freely, wetting the laminates under the bag. There is no sound and no smell as the resin flows through the tubes. In the process, there is no waste of resin, but rather a completely predictable amount is used with every job. There are no brushes, no rollers, no splatters, or error for that matter (compared to the mess of open-mold construction). The process not only eliminates the chance for human error, but it speeds up the build process while increasing strength and rigidity.


“The attention to detail in all of the different workshops is incredible, but one of my favorites was the shop in which they were cutting and piecing together the teak. The precision of laying each piece of natural teak was so impressive!” -Kate Keegan. This was teak for the cockpit of a 58’ Flybridge. It was just about ready to have the black caulking applied. One very unique feature about the teak used in a Sirena is that it is 100% solid teak versus competitors who use teak laminate. 100% teak panels ensure a lifetime of durability without having to replace boards.

Sirena Yachts Factory Tour

The hull of a 64’ Flybridge. This soon-to-be 64’ Flybridge just had the bottom paint completed before they start the process of adding in the different sections for the lower portion as well as the walls for each stateroom.

Sirena Factory Tour

This is one of our customer’s 58’ Coupe that is currently in production! He was doing a final walk through with a few engineers and the design team.

Sirena Yachts Factory Tour

Almost ready for the test pool! This 58 will soon be taken to the test area to do an overall systems check.

After seeing the production yard, we were able to sea trial our customers 58 Coupé on the Sea of Marmara. The 58 Coupé will make its world debut at the 2020 Miami Yacht Show. While a natural addition to the lineup, the boat will offer its own distinct characteristics, like a lower air-draft and a unified interior space on the main deck. “As we’ve heard from the customers who have ordered a 58 Coupé, when a flybridge is not needed, this Coupé version of the 58 offers the best of both worlds: inside-out living and incredible flexibility, both in the accommodations spaces as well as the yacht’s overall performance, combined with all the other inherent virtues that made the Sirena 58 such a success already,” said Constantinos Constantinou, head of Sirena in North America.

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