Sirena 58 Coupé Journey from FL to Spring Brook

Sirena Yachts 58 Coupe

Our 2020 Sirena Yachts 58 Coupé started off in Fort Lauderdale for the Miami Boat Show. Follow along in the video below as Captain Lee documents the journey bringing the 2020 Sirena 58 Coupe up the coast of Florida, across the Gulf of Mexico, and through the waterways up to Chicago.  She started off in Cape Coral Florida at Tarpon Point Marina and headed up the west coast of Florida and docked at Clear Water Marina in Clearwater, FL for the night. The following day, they stopped at C-Quarters Marina in Carrabelle, FL to fuel up and headed up the Gulf Inter-coastal Waterway. That trip across the Gulf took about 7 hours with about 3 footers, but the Seakeeper engaged the 58, Captain Lee said it felt like they were on a lake. Because they made such good time, they decided to keep going up to Port St. Joe. Next morning, Captain Lee and Brian were underway before dawn headed for Alabama. One of the highlights of the trip was this day when a pack of dolphins were riding along with the boat. The dolphins loved when the boat was being run at about 9 knots. The days excursion was about 215 miles with their stop for the evening in Mobile, Alabama. The next day was the beginning of the route through the river system of what felt like 1 million river bends to end the day a Bobby’s Fish Camp in Silas, AL. Captain Lee and Captain Brian filmed their way through the Coffeeville Lock and Dam in Choctaw County. Next day underway, was incredible foggy day with low visibility headed toward the lock to Bay Springs Lake. After a long day on the water, Captain Lee and Captain Brian docked at Aqua Yacht Harbor, where later that night a tornado went through the town at 1:45 am collapsing the main docks roof on the other side of the marina. Next stop: Peducah, Kentucky. Not too many sights to be seen between Luka, MS and Peducah, KY, except for the National Quilt Museum. Final destination was Polestar Marina to hand off the keys to Captain Dan. Captain Dan brought her home to Spring Brook Marina (while snowing) with a stop for the night at Peoria Yacht Club. What an adventure; Dolphins, tornado, beautiful 80 degree weather days, and 30 degree snowy days. Watch the video of Captain Lee and Captain Dan documenting each day.

The 2020 Sirena Yachts 58 Sirena signed off by Captain Lee and Captain Dan is available for sale at Spring Brook Marina. After the trip was over Captain Lee said “I was impressed by her close quarter handling characteristics. She would make a world class Great Loop boat, and her 950 gallon tanks ensured that I never had to worry about making our next fuel stop. For the owner looking for a long-range cruiser that lives MUCH larger than her LOA, the Sirena 58 is the best boat on the market”.

Sirena Yachts



The Sirena 58 Coupe was specially built for Spring Brook Marina based on the needs of Great Lakes boaters, and boaters planning on taking the Great Loop. The hard top is the perfect long range boat because of its bridge clearance. Thanks to her highly efficient hull shape, Sirena 58 gives the possibility to undertake lengthily voyages in long lasting comfort. Sirena 58 Coupe benefits from the development of its efficient hull underbody, and having the best performance at a wide range of numbers, from displacement mode up to planning condition. She is able to explore all corners of the world, cruising in comfort and safety with low fuel consumption.