Spring Brook Marina 1962
Sharon, Jim and Bob Thorpe look over their newly purchased property in Seneca, Illinois. The creek that can be seen in the left of the picture was called Spring Brook on old maps. After much deliberation about a name for the marina amongst the Thorpe family, it was decided to call the marina Spring Brook Marina after the creek.
Spring Brook Marina 1963
This is the first harbor at Spring Brook Marina that was dug out of a low lying field next to the Illinois River and its first boating occupants. Most of the hard work was done by the Thorpe family with very limited outside help.
Spring Brook Marina 1963
The first gas dock and restaurant at Spring Book Marina. The restaurant was run by Ardis Thorpe, chief cook and bottle washer, with daughter, Sharon, as back up cook and waitress. Bob and Jim Thorpe waited on customers at the gas dock with back up by Ardis when they were working on other projects around the marina. Ardis also kept all the books and did all the office work.
Spring Brook Marina History
The extended first harbor, the first indoor boat storage building, the original restaurant and gas dock.
Spring Brook Marina
Jim and Ardis Thorpe and employee Dave Dirker stand beside the travel lift pit and behind the original restaurant.
Spring Brook Marina 1978
Overview of the marina in 1978.